Pink - Methodical.jpg

On the same spectrum on red, but has fewer troubling connotations.

If you are overwhelmed easily, but have a list that needs completing, try reaching for this soft hue



Blue - Methodical .jpg

Cool, calm and encouraging. There is a reason you relax when you see this hue. Your thoughts will drift to nature & the ocean.

This colour is great for your creativity & to inspire so it great to use together with green if you are mind mapping and goal setting.



Orange - Methodical.jpg

Orange is a great colour for alerting you to urgent projects, without causing undue stress. Unlike red, this is a great colour to use if you have things to do, but spin out easily.
If you are prone to piling on the tasks & your default setting is panic, maybe stay away from this stimulating colour.



Green - Methodical.jpg

The colour of nature; green is calming & serene. A grounding colour helps with your concentration, anxiety easing your day to day stress.
Great for large, segmented to-do lists or have & is great for meeting notes and minutes.



You already know what this colour means and you know it demands a lot from you!
Used to for urgent tasks, reminders & bills; this colour associated with strong positives & negatives; passion, anger, romance, debt.

Use this colour sparingly,it can be as disconcerting as it is invigorating. It’s great for memory retention too, 



Purple - Methodical .jpg

Often associated with royalty, purple is an ostentatious colour, which also has a strong electromagnetic wavelength. This gives you an immersive & soothing visual experience.

Similarly to green, this colour eases stress & is the perfect colour to flag overwhelming lists.