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Get Your Sh*t Together

  • Methodical @ The Factory 21-31 Shacklewell Lane London, England, E8 2DA United Kingdom (map)

Be honest, we all want to have it together & sometimes even thinking about it can feel like an uphill battle that will send you running for the safety of your duvet.

This fun, intimate & informal workshop will help you understand…you. How you work, what motivates you & how you can use that newfound superpower to help you “Kondo” your life.

By understanding what motivates you, you are able to see which organisational tricks works & the ones that are harmful overall. The workshop you will bring out the best, most productive version of you; a person with a clear mind who is empowered, knows their mind & knows what is happening from week to week.

Get your sh*t together - methodical

So, How Do You Get Your Sh*t Together?

Understanding Personality Types

Knowing what your personality type is the first step in getting your sh*t together.

Using your New Superpowers

Now you know what your strengths are, the workshop will help you to use this knowledge to your advantage!

Getting Back to Basics

This is an overview of things may know & things you’ve been told. That combined with your new organisational superpowers will help you balance the swinging pendulum that is work & life.

Start the evening a cloud of juggled tasks, leave an empowered & organised person who knows their mind are clear about what works for them.