Top Tips: Plants FTW!

We all know that here at The Study Room London, we are fans of plants they increase your productivity, creativity and your air quality. So why haven’t you adorned every shelf, corner and spare spot on your desk with some plants?

Here, we discuss a few reasons how plants can improve your working life and your wellbeing.

Greener plants are great for stimulating your creativity. Plants with large dramatic leaves are great plants to have in the office. A good plant to stimulate your productivity is the Philodendron Brasil; this plant, with its broad, heart shaped leaves are a great way to encourage your productivity, while giving your working space a great visual focal point, proven to increase your productivity up to 15%!

Having a wide array of plants in your space, can be super useful to help clean the air you are working in. They get rid of chemicals like Benzene and Xylene, found in the air, which aren’t great for your working space; bad air quality often produces symptoms including fatigue, irritation and sinus congestion (I am surprised your home hasn’t become an urban jungle already). Having a plant like a Peace Lily in your home can help reduce the pollution in your working space, giving you cleaner air and adding much needed humidity to dry workspaces by creating an environment that helps to promote your productivity (and it’s confirmed by NASA, nonetheless!).

Just glimpsing a plant on your desk can help with your enthusiasm, creativity and productivity too. It gives you visual stimuli by looking at nature (at least peripherally) and gives your brain the chance to shift into a much more relaxed state, increasing focus and concentration.

This is called Attention Restoration Theory (and it means I’ve just bought ten more plants to make my workspace feel like I am walking children in nature). I have been looking (quite determinedly) to add a String of Hearts to my desk, these are succulents, disguised as delicate plants, so you gain all of the health benefits of having succulents, like reducing the chance of catching or helping you to heal faster from cold/flu symptoms, headaches, fever and coughs; the perfect work companion when coffee and Berocca aren’t enough!

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So, now you’ve cleaner air, some stimuli to aid your creativity and you’re as healthy as an ox, ready to work, you’ve a huge deadline that only a fort can overcome. Now, I am all for building the childhood fort of your dreams, but it doesn’t really say “I am an adult working professional” if colleagues or clients happen to visit your working space, so why not use plants to do the same thing without the derisive looks?

If you work in an office or you need to create a divide in your workspace, plants can do that and then some. Having a plant fort not only gives you the opportunity to create a cocoon of calm for everyday working; it can provide you with a natural screen, reducing noise and removing external distractions for when you just need to get sh*t done.

Monsteras and Money Plants are great for this, as they can grow large enough, allowing you to cultivate that much needed fort, without the strange looks!

 So, now can you see why we love plants almost as much as we love stationery supplies?
They are a great, living productivity tool that can help you get more from your days and improve your health while continuing to be your best selves at work.

Why not share your personal urban jungles with us in the comments below (definitely not just because I need to add to my own plant fort!)?

Succulence London is an urban plant store that can design bespoke plant installations, plant styling and provide you with plants that are beneficial for you and most importantly are hard to kill (perfect for those of us who aren’t green fingered!) for the home or office; without breaking the bank. All of Succulence London’s Plants fit comfortably in homes and workspaces of all shapes and sizes