Top Tips: Running an Event!


Event planning seems to an inevitable aspect of running a business. As a small business owner, myself; I know that your first few events can be a daunting task. 
So, I am sharing a few of my secrets to help you plan an event with ease!

Numbers Matter!

First thing’s first...

You don’t want to pay your venue deposit, only to then find your numbers are way over the venue’s capacity, or worse... under capacity!
At VS Design & Events we always stress to our clients the importance of knowing an approximate number of guests attending the event.

Have a fully updated guest list, know your approximate number of guests and then research venues that align, avoiding disappointments and potential difficulties. 


Planning ahead is Key! 

The biggest expense for events, like conferences and meetups is the venue! 

Make sure you have a designated event notebook so you can keep all aspects of your event in one place and help you stick to your budget. 

This will make it easier for you to work out which ones to tackle first, as the most expensive costs generally should be prioritised. 

Get in there and book ahead of time and save a few £. 



So, you have finished planning and the big day has arrived!
It is vital that you create a running order for the event and that your entire team have been briefed and prepared.
This includes your planning/coordinating team, vendors and anyone else involved in the event.  

Create a document with the running order of events, along with key contacts and numbers if necessary and distribute it to everyone!


You will always face challenges during events, but remember the guests do not know your original plans, so it is all about how you respond to these challenges. 
If you are facing a challenge and once a solution has been decided, ensuring the team members know the change is vital to the smooth running of the event.


Vanessa Simpson is the founder of VS Design and Events, an event planning and coordinating service based in London.
With a background in Fashion and Design, the brand offers Event design, Planning and Coordination services for a variety of events including Weddings, Bridal Showers and Baby Showers.

You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook