Top Tips: Getting More Traffic To Your Website!

Every website owner likely has top content, that gets the most traffic or converts the most users. We can't just let it sit there, without amplifying it as much as possible. Here are 3 ways to do so:

Step 1: Identify your site's top traffic pages.

Google Analytics is the tool you will need to use. It's free and every website owner should become familiar with it. If you need a couple of explanations, you can find here some free Google Analytics tutorials. Google Analytics will show you which of those pages are the most converting, with the bigger engagement and traffic.Your best content could also be a video, a podcast or even a printout.

Step 2: Simplify and repurpose

Now, ask yourself: what else could you be doing with this piece of content? We all sometimes need to consume information differently. A long-form piece of content can become a PowerPoint, a video, a podcast, then share each of these into your social media channels (including Slideshare, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Quora) and measure the results: you will learn a lot about your audience and how they tend to prefer to consume your content.

Step 3: Engagement Metrics

My favourite engagement metrics are the number of viewed pages, the time on site, bounce rate and, obviously, conversions. All this can be understood by Google Analytics, together with where is your qualified traffic coming from.

Hopefully, now you have some good ideas on how to spot and amplify your top content. If you have any questions about Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing or require any assistance and I’ll be happy to help! 

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Silvia Del Corso is a Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing Freelancer and founder of PinkSEO.Marketing

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