Top Tips: Mind Mapping... The Key to your Productive Success!

Mind maps are a great way to turn abstract ideas into a firm plan of action. 
They are a great productivity tool and one I encourage you all to try at least once. 

Mind maps allow to to formulate ideas, create news ones and create a path to allow you achieve what you want from all of the ideas floating around your head!

Creating a mind map is so easy and can easily be added to your daily routine. It doesn't even have to look pretty.
Your mind map is exactly that; yours so it could be as elaborate or as minimal as you please!

Mind maps prompt you to recognise and formulate your ideas; how ever blue sky they may be.
The best mind maps are often not the most intricate ones, but the ones that help you to recall your thought process in your own personal way.

We'e listed a few tips to get you on your mind map journey and to help your ideas into a productive reality!

Mind Maps - The Study Room London

What's Your 'Lightbulb' Moment?

Your 'lightbulb' moment? This is the idea that woke you up at three in the morning and will be the key to your success. 
This is the core of your idea and the nucleus of your map. Your ideas (and plans) would grow from there. 

Do Your Other Ideas Connect?

Have you any other ideas that could grow from your lightbulb moment?
Dot them around the nucleus; from this you can create themes or branches to your map. These could help you to gain a new perspective on your original idea and create a structured plan to help you get your idea off the ground!


Identify The Keyword

Does a particular word spring to mind when your noting your ideas?
Why not subdivide your ideas by keywords or by colour? This helps you to tackle the problem and prioritise, an excellent tool for productivity!

If You Haven't a Word for it... Doodle!

You don't have to be Picasso, if you have an image in your mind's eye put it to paper!
Not only will this work as a 'brain dump' but it can help you to create a cohesive collection of idea for you to recall later on!



Why not start your mind map journey today?
We've a world of notebooks ready and waiting, why not get those ideas committed to paper?
The only limit is your imagination!