Top Tips: How To Design Your Home Office

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EPJ Design has teamed up with The Study Room London to bring you the best ways to design your home office to keep you motivated

We know that working from home can be tough at times. The distractions - The need to watch that film you've been wanting to watch for weeks, the full fridge, your phone, the house work. But what if you had a beautiful home office space that was well organised and aesthetically pleasing? Would you still feel the need to find distraction?

Here we give our top tips on making your work space a place to be proud of!

1. Organisation

Organisation is key - Think about what you need to store - make a list. Think about which types of files you may need, and how many. Do you need drawers? if so how many? Where are you going to file your paperwork - are you going to have a pile for 'need to file'? Once you have collated a list of items that will need storage space, you can then work out what you need. It's now time to go shopping!

2. 'Sassy Storage'

"I want to be surrounded by big, bulky storage units that look like they belong in a warehouse, and endless lever arch files that are falling apart due to the over filling of paper" - Said no one.

Invest in beautiful storage - storage that compliments your colour scheme in the room. Consider black and white if you're going for a more sophisticated look, or if you're wanting your office to be more fun and creative why not go for bright colours?

3. The Magic of Plants

You may have seen a previous post of ours (and ours) talking about the power of plants and some of the healing effects they have. Do your research into what plants would be best for a work environment - i.e ones that help to lower stress & anxiety levels, ones that cleanse the air quality in the space etc. Add them in abundance! Being surrounded by fresh greenery has been proven to create a calming effect and boost overall happiness. Think not only about adding a plant to your desk - but add some hanging planters as well as some larger free standing ones around the room. Your office can be your own little oasis!

5. Stationary savvy

Our final tip is of course update your stationary! Gone are the days of plain biros and boring notepads! Think metal pens - in golds and coppers, stylish notepads, and why not update your white paper for some with a hint of colour? Blush pink, powder blue or a subtle grey?

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