Top Tips: Get to Work!

So, you have decided to get to work and your mind is racing with ideas, to-do lists and the internal struggle of not being able to complete everything.
Stop. Relax and start being productive. These tips will not only help calm your inner demon (also known as your business saboteur); but will help you gain from your day. 

Clear Your Mind.

Ideas, mental to-do lists and plans are taking a toll on your mental health and your productivity. 

D.Letvin; author of The Organised Mind says “The brain can only pay attention to three things at once. Too many choices overload the system and deplete brain chemicals” These depleted chemicals mean a lower rate of productivity; meaning none of those urgent things on your lists will get done and you end up unnecessarily stressed.

Note it all down. Have a notebook with you; any new ideas, plans and tasks are physically articulated and can be are clearly recalled in their purest form;
Bullet Journals are perfect for this. 
This allows you to clearly delegate or prioritise your goals, tasks and aspirations, leaving your brain free of distractions, interruptions and most importantly stress.
Writing a note on your phone will not have the same effect. Using your Notes app gives you an opportunity to distract yourself by checking emails, Instagram and Twitter and various other important apps creates a distraction cycle, which can be a stress inducing exercise. 

Clear Your Space

‘Pride in Place’... say it out loud. I bet you can imagine David Brent uttering that phrase very clearly. But it’s more than a cringe-inducing office mantra; it’s a helpful way to increase your productivity.

Have a look at your desk, what’s on it right now? Remnants of breakfast?
Random bits of paper you swore you would sort last week?
Be honest with yourself, how much of this stuff do you need confronting you every day?

By dedicating the first ten minutes of your day to clearing your workspace, you can prioritise tasks left over from the previous day and throw away or file things that you do not need. There’s truth in the phrase ‘a cluttered desk, leads to a cluttered mind’.

Think of each piece of clutter on your desk as a phone ringing; it’s distracts you and takes you away from the task at hand. Marie Kondo, founder of the infamous ‘KonMarie Method’ said it best “tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it”

Clear Your Day

Working for yourself, means things pull in a million different directions. It’s impossible to structure your day by the hour.
But having a loose structure to your day will help your productivity and help you keep peace of mind. Break your day into four slots and assign one of those four slots to whatever is of importance to you. Examples of your structure could be as below:

Time Frames - The Study Room London

By having a general idea of how your day is planned, allows each task to become a routine. Once this something becomes routine, you no longer need to think about it and no longer needing to think about it means you become less stressed about the tasks at hand and get more done. It’s simple really.

Making any one of these tips a priority is a sure-fire way to make your days more productive and help quieten your inner business saboteur, mentally listing all the things you need to complete and getting more work done.