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Question: How do I get the most from Instagram?

A lot of us are addicted to Instagram. A lot of us use Instagram, for personal and  for business use. How many of you exclaimed how happy you were when multiple accounts were allowed to co-exist on the app. I certainly did. 

With 300m+ daily users this is an app you cannot ignore. Many businesses (The Study Room Included) start there story on the photo sharing app, with teasers, logos and now stories highlighting what's to come. 

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Question: Start ups & Social Media

This week, we have a wonderful post from our featured guest blogger Tom Wishart who goes through the dos, don'ts and whos of social media and what you need to get the most out of your Instagram habit!

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Question: Does your website comply?

Setting up a website can be easy. A few handy drag and drop websites means it can take you literally hours to have visually appealing, interactive website. But did you know UK websites are among the strictest in the world? This is due to a number of Laws and regulations that apply to content on websites.
Lucy Du-Jones, Managing Director of specialist legal firm Du-Tian gives an overview of website requirements and ramifications

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