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Top Tips: Getting More Traffic To Your Website!

Every website owner likely has top content, that gets the most traffic or converts the most users. We can't just let it sit there, without amplifying it as much as possible. Here are 3 ways to do so...

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Spotlight On: 1n1 Fashion'n'Pizza

Finding something you love to do is always worth celebrating. Finding common ground in two separate passions and combining them into a cohesive and thriving venture; well that's a miracle. Today's spotlight is all about how two passionate people combined forces to create 1n1 Fashion n Pizza.   

Andrea loves pizza, Martina loves fashion. Andrea loves Martina and Martina loves Andrea. Together they make up the charming business

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Top Tips: Running an Event!

Event planning seems to an inevitable aspect of running a business. As a small business owner, myself; I know that your first few events can be a daunting task. 
So, I am sharing a few of my secrets to help you plan an event with ease!

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Question: How to Write a Blog Post with Impact

Blogging came as a bit of a shock hobby for me. What started as a sideline to my illustration business, a way of keeping my website generating new content became a business in it’s own right and my blog took on a life of it’s own.  

Whilst I enjoyed writing essays in school it had more to do with the satisfaction of a few pages of nice handwriting. I was surprised how much I enjoyed blogging. The feeling of your fingers whacking out a post on your keyboard, the itch to get writing again after a few days, the need to brain dump all thoughts and emotions to a page on the internet. 

What surprised me even more was how much other people seemed to enjoy it. 

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Top Tips: Green Packaging Options

Everything purchased today comes in some form of packaging.
Have you considered the implications of your packaging as a small business?
With so many options available it's easy to lose sight of the environment when starting a business.
Our 'Tidy Mind, Tidy Life' is from our guest blogger Melissa Lang, a writer from Glasgow, Scotland. Melissa has a keen eye for all things design and in the past has consulted on business branding and marketing

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