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Top Tips: You're Ready

So, you’re thinking about going out on your own (or you just have) …
Hooray, we are so proud of you! Now panic is starting to set in, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. 
But you need not worry, you have been preparing for this leap the whole time and you hadn’t even realised. 

How, you say?
By working at a 9-5.

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Spotlight On: Lottie McGann

Every so often, The Study Room catches up with our favourite freelancers, creatives & fellow business owners to find out what really makes them tick (and jump out of bed everyday)
This week, we are looking at what it takes to work in the fast paced, intense and unusual world of Television with Lottie McGann, a Production Coordinator, based in London. 
Keep checking in with us as we will meet with lots of people from lots of different specialities, to help you make the most of your day! 

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Internships: Worth the hype?

I am a former intern. To some a badge of honour, to others a damning mark of shame. Why does this arouse such vitriol?
Having pondered this for a while I decided to open up the debate on this divisive subject once and for all. Does being a intern make you different? Does it make you more employable? Does Fashion Intern Problems hit the nail EXACTLY on the head?

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