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Why We Create: Brit Stitch

We all have our reasons for starting our businesses and going freelance. 
Sometimes; we need a little inspiration from others. 

We spoke to Morgan Jones, the Managing Director of one of The Study Room's Suppliers about what helps them to move forward. 

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Spotlight On: Best Apps for Business

Running The Study Room or any small business is very labour intensive, between the hours spent on Instagram & Twitter, Filing, emailing, invoicing and packing up all your lovely productive stationery, working can and will take over your life; this was one of the biggest shocks to the system in my first six months after starting this venture. 

So, anything that can streamline my working day or make working a little easier, is something that gets my attention. Today I am sharing apps that are the secret to my success; whether they take the pressure off your social media, allow you to work at your own pace (even if that is 3’o’clock in the morning) or help you to find inspiration, these are the apps I and The Study Room cannot live without. 

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Spotlight On: Argent

The Study Room loves a new business that likes to encourage one another to succeed. 
We try our hardest to understand, promote and champion any company that extols these values. When I came across Argent a few weeks ago, I was intrigued, inspired and ready to whip out my credit card.
I spoke with the formidable, fun and witty designers of the brand to find out why they have started their collective to find out why they started the brand, what they hope to achieve and what to expect from them in the next few months.  

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My Desk View: Lisa Lee

Where you work can have a huge impact on your productivity. 
Every so often we will be sharing the workspaces of our favourite creatives who discuss how they have designed their spaces in their own words.

For our first Desk View, we speak to Lisa of White & Wonder, a Sydney based, Stylist, where she spends her time styling projects, writing articles, exploring the countryside and visiting markets.

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