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Freelance Files: Freelance Hacks

Freelancing can be great. You get to work wherever you feel most comfortable, you can set your own hours & no one will judge you too harshly for working in a pair of leggings you frankly should have thrown away years ago (too suspiciously specific?) but haven’t because they are your “productivity pants” & you get your best WFH (working from home to the uninitiated) days in them.

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Top Tips: Dress Your Desk for Success!

Your workspace is an incredibly personal. You may not think much of it, but you’ll seethe for hours if someone has taken your stapler or disturbed your organised mess. It’s a feeling we all share.

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Top Tips: Get to Work!

So, you have decided to get to work, but your mind is racing with ideas, to-do lists and the internal struggle of not being able to complete everything you need to run your business.

Stop. Relax and start being productive. These three tips will not only help you calm the inner demon that is your business saboteur; but will help you gain more from your day.

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Spotlight On: Poppin

Nothing makes me want to work more than a pretty desk. Writing emails, staring at spreadsheets, dating and filing receipts are all made a little easier when you’ve inspiring surroundings. A pretty print to look at or a beautiful pen pot to make it all worthwhile. I have always been (and always will be) a lover of stationery supplies.

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