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Question: My #DubaiLife, Taking the Plunge

Are you thinking about throwing in the towel and starting again? The Study Room is here for you!
Laura Roberts is a digital content specialist who helped to build the profile of successful youth fashion app Shopcade, decided  to do just that. She has written about her experience of quitting London and starting anew in Dubai.

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Question: How to Write an Email

We are a technological generation, we tweet, snap and 'gram and even emoji's are now a recognised form of communication.
122 Billion emails are sent every hour so it's easy to speed type to make sure you get your point across and move on with your day. When you start or run a small business, you need to pay more care and need to take extra steps to make sure your email stands out from the crowd. 

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Spotlight On: Bright Zine

Magazines, Zines, Forums. These are some of my favourite things. Articles that inspire, help you question? Sign me right up! 

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