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Question: Tackle your To-Do Lists

As part of #JumpStartJanuary2018 I am going to share a few tips that help me to keep on top of everything going on at The Study Room London.

These 4 tips, help you to stay organised, complete all of your tasks (daily, weekly and beyond) all without sacrificing your personal life!

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Spotlight On: 1n1 Fashion'n'Pizza

Finding something you love to do is always worth celebrating. Finding common ground in two separate passions and combining them into a cohesive and thriving venture; well that's a miracle. Today's spotlight is all about how two passionate people combined forces to create 1n1 Fashion n Pizza.   

Andrea loves pizza, Martina loves fashion. Andrea loves Martina and Martina loves Andrea. Together they make up the charming business

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Top Tips: Get to Work!

So, you have decided to get to work, but your mind is racing with ideas, to-do lists and the internal struggle of not being able to complete everything you need to run your business.

Stop. Relax and start being productive. These three tips will not only help you calm the inner demon that is your business saboteur; but will help you gain more from your day.

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Question: Six Months In...So What Now?

This Henry Rollins quote means quite a lot to me. 

I posted it a few weeks ago and started thinking about the journey I have been on with The Study Room.
We have been open for a while now; developmentally we should be slowly finding our feet and we are, but believe me, it has flown by.

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Spotlight On: KayK Goods

Every so often, The Study Room catches up with our favourite freelancers, creatives & fellow business owners to find out what really makes them tick
(and jump out of bed everyday!)

Today, we speak to Kaysha Omole the founder of KayK Goods who make  minimalist leather bags and accessories. who focuses on providing timeless pieces; handcrafted to last.

and accessories. who focuses on providing timeless pieces; handcrafted to last.

We at The Study Room are huge fans of Kaysha & KayK Goods, having featured her indispensable and beautiful pencil cases as one of our WantItWednesday's a few weeks back.

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