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Spotlight On: Fonts

Did you know that the font you use can influence the way your customers and readers react with your website and promotional materials?  

When you think about your business and your font you should be thinking about how you can subliminally convey a message about your product.

Fonts are more important than you think; the type of font you use for your promotional materials and your website can have a huge impact on the people you are trying to reach out to, or the message you are trying to convey.  
(Just think about all those times you were given a flyer with 'comic sans' on and chuckled!)

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Spotlight On: Argent

The Study Room loves a new business that likes to encourage one another to succeed. 
We try our hardest to understand, promote and champion any company that extols these values. When I came across Argent a few weeks ago, I was intrigued, inspired and ready to whip out my credit card.
I spoke with the formidable, fun and witty designers of the brand to find out why they have started their collective to find out why they started the brand, what they hope to achieve and what to expect from them in the next few months.  

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