Spotlight On: EPJ Interior Designs

Every so often, The Study Room catches up with our favourite freelancers, creatives & fellow business owners to find out what really makes them tick
(and jump out of bed everyday!

Today, we speak to Emily Johnson, founder of EPJ Interior Design a London based design studio who specialises in residential, commercial, hospitality and yacht design.
 She talks about her normal day, where she finds her inspiration and when her favourite part of the day is! 

 Keep checking in with us as we will meet with lots of people from lots of different specialities, to help you make the most of your day! 

What does a typical day look like to you?

I get up early, around 5.30am - catch up with emails, then I go to the gym. I’ll usually have a couple of meetings in the day and I try and have an ‘inspiration hour’ where I’m either walking around London or creating mood boards. I like to make a list at the start of the week of what I need to achieve by the end. I find this helps a lot with motivation - I also live by my calendar!

Where do you call your ‘Office’?

I work from my home office a lot - I now have a great set up here - full of samples, mood boards and sketch books. I need to be surrounded by creativity, so I’m very free with where I work.
Being stuck in a structured office environment doesn’t work for me - You lose your creativity in those environments, I need to get out and about. We have an office just off Old street that I can retreat to but I find myself working more in cafes and hotels

- the Ace Hotel & the Hoxton are two  of my favourites to work from.

How did you end up in your line of work?

I was actually in the fashion industry before - working as a buyer. I used to want to be an Architect when I was young, but then realised I’m more of a creative and found myself getting more excited about the interiors. I studied at KLC and then went on to work for different studios here in London, before starting EPJ Interior Design.
In an industry like this I need to be able to put my flare on what I do and really thrive from it. I put everything into my projects and am constantly developing
my ideas and learning. Working for myself was the only way to satisfy this.

What is the one thing you wish you had known at the beginning?

I wish I had known how much admin there is! You may think being a designer is all about the creative aspect, but a lot of it is about numbers, schedules and spreadsheets. This isn’t my favourite part of my job lets just say! 


What is the best part of your day?

My most favourite part of my day has to be early in the morning. I love my time that I allow myself in the morning from 5.30 -7.00 No one else is awake so I can just crack on with my emails and anything that urgently needs doing - I’m most productive at this time. I also love my gym sessions in the mornings - this clears my head and motivates me for the day



What are you working on at the moment?

We are working on a few small projects here in the East End, as well as beginning a big development in down in Surrey. We are also working on some collaborations at the moment - so watch this space!


Emily creates luxurious, vibrant interiors which ooze soul. Not limiting herself to London, she loves to work globally, incorporating the different cultures into her designs. 

EPJ Interior Design aims to help clients find their vibe and ensure their interiors tell their own story. Delivering on all aspects of the design, from concept to completion. On time and on budget.