Spotlight On: Best Apps for Business

Running The Study Room or any small business is very labour intensive, between the hours spent on Instagram & Twitter, Filing, emailing, invoicing and packing up all your lovely productive stationery, working can and will take over your life; this was one of the biggest shocks to the system in my first six months after starting this venture. 

So, anything that can streamline my working day or make working a little easier, is something that gets my attention. Today I am sharing apps that are the secret to my success; whether they take the pressure off your social media, allow you to work at your own pace (even if that is 3’o’clock in the morning) or help you to find inspiration, these are the apps I and The Study Room cannot live without. 


This goes without saying. If a search engine’s name has become a verb everyone is using it. But there is so much more to google than settling an argument with your friends or searching. Google is a powerhouse when it comes to running a business.  
In addition to its impeccable search facilities to help others find your business. It also has a wealth of tools to help your business including email, cloud based data storage and a fully interactive calendar to help you keep your business going.  
The service is called G-suite is incredibly competitive.
G-Suite provides you with an email address, a dedicated cloud based storage and a calendar that can easily be synced with your mobile. (apple, android or otherwise)
The email service is simple to use if you’ve ever had a Gmail email account, the look of your business email will not change.

Setting up an email can be a little complicated, But I have found this simple step-by-step to make it a little easier.  

This has been a life-saver for me. Emails are a breeze, it’s simple to use and it doesn’t overcomplicate one of the essential tools to help you run a business. Everything from emails to appointments are visible at a glance with next to no effort. If you are sharing files, the G-Drive (Cloud Storage System) is so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you haven’t already used it before


Social Media, takes up a lot of time. Most of us spend an hour (or two) scrolling, liking and commenting on posts; updates can take just as long. With social media becoming an integral part of working for yourself; keeping on top of your pins, tweets and instas has become one of the highest priorities to consider when trying to capture your audience’s attention.  

Buffer helps to make your social media life a little easier, by planning your posts across multiple platforms from the comfort of your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  
This social media scheduler works on all major platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Tumblr; giving you a weekly summary of your top performing posts. If you use chrome too, an easy extension, will allow you to ‘buffer’ articles, images and links without the need to open the page.  

I love it because it is so easy to use. It makes a (normally 20 minute) social media job, mere seconds!

Buffer are really helpful for all aspects of digital marketing too.
They often host web classes, webinars and have a really informative blog to help you get the most out of your social media. whether your a novice or a seasoned digital marketer.

I really wish I had known about them sooner!



If Instagram is important for your venture, then Unum is the tool for you.  
I don't use this for all of the impressive features this handy little app provides; but their post planning tool is an absolute Godsend.  

Unum, provides you with an easy to use scheduler for your Instagram posts, which helps you to curate a 'theme' for your social media.

It also provides really good stats for your page at a glance, so you can check what's performing and what's not.

Using this app really helped me to up my Instagram game, and having all previous and future posts together helps you a 'curate' your page.


These are just a few of the apps Iuse to help keep The Study Room running and has helped me to reclaim my life (a little)
What are your favourites?
Why not share a few of your favourite apps with us?