Question: Plant Power

Plants are everywhere right now. With the rise of Instagram-worthy Plant Nurseries like Geo-fleur, Blomst and Grace & Thorn, people are becoming even more green fingered than normal.
But did you know that plants are a great productivity tool? That’s right, not only are these beautiful to look at they are great things to put in your office to make you even more productive!

Those who work in ‘Green’ offices are found to be 15% more productive. How and Why you ask? Well, I touched on this briefly when I shared my top tips for productivity on article commissioned by belong mag and I thought I would go into a little more detail here.

In larger office spaces, having one plant per square metre vastly improved the workers memory retention, concentration and performance up to 20%. So, you can imagine why having a mini jungle in your working space can help improve your productivity.

So How Do Plants Work?

Plants in your home office clean the air. we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide; plants do the opposite increasing oxygen levels. Some plants, like succulents continue to do so during the evening, helping to clean the air constantly. In addition to increasing your oxygen levels plants also help to remove toxins from the air.

They can clear up to 87% of Volatile Organic Compounds every 24 hours. These include substances such as formaldehyde (found in rugs, carpets and cigarette smoke) and Benzene (found in plastics, detergents and inks). Modern buildings can trap VOCs inside and plants remove these toxins by pulling these VOCs into soil converting them into food.

Not only do plants purify the air, they improve your health too. Plants have been shown to decrease fatigue, headaches. A study by the Agricultural University of Norway found that having plants in an office reduce sickness rates by more than 60%, so why haven’t you got plants in your office yet?

Which Plants For Your Office?

Many Different plants have many different benefits, Plants often thrive in odd numbered groups; so place plants in groups in threes or fives for maximum success.
Below are some of the plants I have in my own home office and some that have been on my wishlist and why.


Plants are more than a productivity tool.
Bringing nature into your home and office is a wonderful mood elevator .

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By placing plants around your office improve your sound quality and makes your office a place you actually want to work in.

The physical and mental benefits of plants in your workspace are numerous, place them in your line of sight. Being able to see your plants helps increase your productivity.

To maximise the purification of your home, it’s recommended you place at least one large plant every 30m.


What plants have you got in your office?
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