Spotlight: Modern Workwear an easy 'How to'

I have come to realise (with pretending to be a grown up and all) that how you dress for work is rather important. 
I have always tried to dressed appropriately for work and have found that having a uniformed approach to workwear has helped me a great deal in navigating the murky waters of a corporate dress code. 
Recently put into a tailspin about this when I started a job and was informed that a dress code did not apply. This is of course a ludicrous suggestion because it is clearly obivous one should observe one; those who fail to comply are often sniggered at in the lifts, walking by desks and on lunch breaks; unaware that they have failed the 'no dress code dress code' so I started to think about what is really appropriate for work and what isn't. 
So if like me you want to show your personality and style through your choice of work outfits I have spent a great deal of time pondering, wondering and collating ideas for the best types of chic, timeless work looks suitable for every occasion and every office. 
It's all you need to succeed in the world of work (apart from the actual work) so have a look and get shopping! This time It's completely essential and necessary! 



If you work in an environment where you need to be formal it is easy to apply a uniformed, creative look that doesn't make you want to cry. 
There are lots of websites the cater for the über corporate workplace, The best I have found are The Workwear Edit a wonderful blog that picks the best on the high street for corporate wear and Girls Dressing Cute For Work a user submitted chronicle from real women who have taken their own unique approach to it.
I think these looks on the left is perfect for a formal office, without feeling like you are playing dress up.
I always think an easy win can be achieved by adding a pair of eye catching heels. Shoes add interest to any outfit, wear head to toe black and relive your favourite style scenes from Working Girl. 
A fun pair of shoes show that you can be serious and reprimand someone for their lack of attention to detail on the annual budget, but you are able to kick back and relax with the best of them.

Smart Casual

This is the most common type of dress code for a modern office. This look is a little more
relaxed and comfortable for everyday work wear and can easily translate for après work shenanigans.
The look on the right is perfect look for a smart casual office. Bright colours and loose kimonos are perfect addition to a smart casual work wardrobe. The looks below are perfect for showing off your sartorial credentials, while looking and feeling professional.
The best brands for a smart casual wardrobe is one of my favourites, Cos. Their looks are affordable, cool and modern. 




This is the hardest work wardrobe to master.
There is a thin line between casual and slovenly and this for me is always a source of consternation.
Denim works well in these environments; it can be dressed up, you could throw on a blazer and lots of junk jewellery and it can still look relaxed.

Creating a simple uniform of trousers, jeans and lots and lots of t-shirts (patterns, stripes and bold
colours) are an easy way to avoid the creeping dread of knowing what to wear when the alarm goes off in the morning.
Easy, high street brands are a godsend for refreshing this uniform. Topshop is perfect as their range is ever evolving (I suggest, if you find something you cannot live without, buy a couple)
Smart shoes also work well with this look. Leather plimsolls (Converse, Vans, etc.) are perfect for making an everyday outfit a tiny bit smarter for work. Loafers and general flats are a great look too, I am a lover of Russell & Bromley's Chester. During the summer ballet flats are great too.

So I've broken down my picks for every office to help you out. I hope, this helps your navigate the murky waters of the workwear uniform trap in style. I'm off to refresh my wardrobe. Now I am off to do some actual work. 


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