How Not To Start A Podcast... Plus Some Things We Actually Got Right

The Origin Story

Allow me to set the scene.
Two friends Skyping across time zones; one in Spain, the other in California and at the end of a long, chatty catch-up session, post-midnight for one of us:

Friend A: “We really can talk a lot, can’t we?”
Friend B: “I know! I’ve got to go to bed soon.”
Friend A: “Me, too. Hey, we should start a podcast!”
Friend B: “OMG, we totally should!”
From that late night Skype session, our podcast, Nourishing Real Talk was born.

A little more backstory… Lindsey ("Friend B") and I ("Friend A" aka Jenna) are both multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs who love to talk; in general and, more specifically, all things business.
Long conversations are nothing new for us. We could geek out for hours, and often did about branding, marketing, the latest game-changing article or business tool.

We always wanted to collaborate on a creative business project together. Apparently, we had missed what was staring us in the face all along.
How had we not realised that a podcast would be the perfect vehicle for our love of talking + geeking out about business and beyond?!

The Lessons

Okay, so how did we get from that random Skype chat last spring to present day, 7 months and more than 25 episodes into this journey?
Well, that journey required a lot of focus, planning, help, hard work, consistency and a little bit of magic.
If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, here are the most important things you need to consider, taken from our own experiences as first-time podcasters, advice we received, and lessons we learned along the way.

Podcasting requires…


In order to run a successful podcast, you need to be clear on why you want to create it the first place. You’ll need to decide on your mission and exactly who you want to reach. As Lindsey and I did at the start of our process, you’ll ask yourself questions like, “Who is my ideal listener?” and “Who do I want to attract in my audience?” Then you can decide on the subject matter and format of your show.


As with any type of content you’re creating, consistency is key. Building a dedicated audience requires dedication on your part. It’s essential to decide, in advance, how often you can reasonably produce episodes on a consistent basis which is no small task.
In a nutshell, producing a single podcast episode requires recording the content, editing the audio, uploading it to your feed, writing and posting the show notes, and promoting the episode. So, you will want to consider the frequency and length of episodes that are doable for you, given your schedule and other commitments.

Technical skills, tools, and equipment

If you’re anything like Lindsey and I, the techy aspect of podcasting may be your biggest learning curve. When we first started out, we had no idea what kind of software and equipment we might need or what steps were required to record our episodes, edit them, and publish them on iTunes. When it comes to step-by-step tech guides for the novice, there is (for our money) none better than this tutorial by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. This was our tech  and equipment bible when we were first creating the Nourishing Real Talk podcast. 

Specific Goals

If you’re getting into the podcasting game for the long haul, you’ll want to determine your long-term goals for your podcast.
As with most things, creating a successful podcast is a lot easier when you know where you’re going.
Are you planning to use your podcast as a creative outlet, a means to raise your profile and become more visible in your industry, or a new income stream built through sponsorship, affiliate relationships, products, or services?
It helps to know the broad strokes of where you’re headed from the start, even if the details aren’t fully fleshed out, not only for your own planning but to help decide where to position your podcast and engaging your audience. 

The Bottom Line

The time that Lindsey and I invested in the areas above -- creating clarity and consistency, learning the tech ropes, and setting specific goals -- have been the biggest keys to our podcasting success. We wouldn’t take back a minute of the time we put into building a solid base from which to create our show. Over the past 7 months and 25 episodes, we’ve taken that base and infused it with a dose of the particular magic that’s created when we geek out together about business and life. You’ll find your own magic, too, which is something that happens only by doing. So, get out there and create your podcast! Through this process, you’ll set yourself up to build a successful show that resonates deeply with listeners and surpasses all the goals you set for it

Jenna Teague and Lindsey Allen are fearlessly authentic women and multi-passionate
entrepreneurs who are committed to living their lives and doing business on their own terms +
inspiring others to do the same. Jenna and Lindsey podcast weekly at Nourishing Real Talk.

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