Freelance Files: Finding work, Am I Good Enough? (Part 2)

So, it’s been more than a month since my last post for Methodical (it’s even changed its name!) & as I sit down to write this entry, the self-discipline angel on my shoulder is politely reminding me to get on with it.

Since then, the creative but strict voice inside my head has been much quieter than it was during my initial period of freelance productivity.

Sure, I had a two-week holiday, but I have been back in a routine for a while now &I can see how easy it is to put the writing off, getting on with other aspects of life, especially with my decision to return to my freelance TV job, making writing my side hustle.

On the opposite side to the productive voice, are the self-destructive sounds of someone on a developing journey with their well-being. You are often your own boss, which for some might come naturally, but to those people who might be struggling to look after their well-being at the same time as maintain focus & productivity, it could present more of a challenge than they might have first predicted.

Freelance life can be solitary & sometimes this is exactly what you need in order to focus but at other times it can be incredibly isolating. For some freelancers, the ‘office’ might mean leaving home & working from an independent space & for others this could be crafting away in the comfort of your home. However, the temptation to just not do any work at all & sink into a darker mood is ever present & because you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck – you can readily shutdown the laptop & climb back into bed. That is if you didn’t just roll over & ignore your alarm clock in the first place.

The next step, in my personal journey, is to remember to combine my self-care routine alongside the new challenges that will come with going back to work.

I thought about a few things to help improve your well-being, whilst your freelance journey takes you on a different path.

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Embrace The Changes

As the seasons change, sunshine is around more & more. Whilst its rays are shining down, what better way to get to/from work than to walk home or even part of the way.

It’s a chance to clear your head, listen to music, get your heart rate up & focus on what motivates you. Although, you better not get too caught up in your own world, at risk of getting knocked in the canal by a cyclist. Or maybe that’s just clumsy me?

Count Your Blessings

There is satisfaction to be found in routine.

Personally, the structure of having an office to go to, & the regular income again will help me to move forward towards my long-term goals. It’s important for those experiencing a change in their freelance path to not to get carried away with thoughts that might leave you feeling like a failure. Instead, I will choose to focus on how fortunate I am to be working in a creative industry, & that the financial stability can help me with my future plans. Those negative thoughts should quickly disappear.

Take A Break

Part of being a freelancer is that you are free to do as you please (within reason, unfortunately you can’t possibly take home every single dog you see) The contract will end & you are free to take a break again if you need time to reset.

Freelancers, for the most part, are fortunate that they’re not tied to the more rigid holiday rule books of full-time employment. If you feel that this contract was particularly draining on you – give yourself the much-needed rest between the next one to bring yourself back to where you need to be.
This could be a matter of a few days at home to get life admin done, or could be a month off travelling & working on that side project you have neglected.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

So, the next step of the journey will feel different. The sounds of the self-destructive voice could be ringing in your ears making you feel that you’re on the wrong path– but if you remember to do the small things for yourself that make you feel better you will always be heading in the right direction. As they say in certain recovery programs ‘Just do the next right thing’

More on that next time…

Methodical is not a medical organisation and provides information rather than advice. If you believe you are suffering with your own mental health please seek advice from a medical professional.
If you are seeking help, Mind, The Samaritans & Time To Change could help.


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