Freelance Files: Finding Work, Am I Good Enough? (Part 3)

The phrase ‘Do the next right thing’ is often used in recovery programs, but as a Freelancer, it’s a useful tool when it comes to feeling a little overwhelmed by the tasks that lay ahead.

My to-do list grows by the minute, in both aspects of my freelance life; working in TV & writing as a side hustle. It feels like I have more chance of winning the lottery than managing to complete every task on my list in a single day.

On top of that, more often than not, as soon as one task is complete, I find several more things to add to the bottom. Sometimes, maintaining a cohesive work/life balance can be a challenge all of its own.

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when you keep thinking about all of the other things you have to do on top of the task at hand. Overthinking can lead to a lack of productivity at the very least, or worse, total burnout which will result in you not completing tasks to the standard that you know you can & should do.

When I am feeling like this, I try to remember to “Do the next right thing” in order to restore calm & bring myself back to a point where I am able to tick things off the list & get the results I need.

It would be so easy to throw in the towel & say, ‘I can’t do this’ & hide under the duvet or perhaps to even get frustrated & angry about why you can’t seem to achieve things.

However, as long as you put one foot in front of the other & what you are doing is productive & the ‘right’ thing for yourself or for others, then you are in fact already on your way.

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Doing the ‘right thing’ can be small or large. It could be texting a family member that you haven’t spoken to in a while, or it could be writing a chapter of the book you’d like to publish. Whatever it is, if you are aware that you are focusing on a task which is helpful to yourself or others – you will be able to centre yourself & you can achieve more than when your mind is in a state of panic trying to think about all the things on that long to do list.

In my opinion, wellness & productivity go hand in hand; it would be unhealthy to have one without the other. We are all learning as we go & none more so than freelancers who need to attempt to succeed in life without the rigid boundaries found in more structured employment.

As Alanis Morrisette said with one hand in her pocket & the other one giving a peace sign ‘I haven’t really got it all figured out just yet’ so hopefully during my last three posts, I have been able to share some impartial advice as someone who is attempting to navigate their freelance life, whilst also embarking on a larger wellness journey. Always remember: Yes. You are bloody good enough!

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If you are seeking help, Mind, The Samaritans & Time To Change could help.

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