My Desk View: Lisa Lee

MyDeskView-LisaLee-WhiteandWonder - The Study Room London

Where you work can have a huge impact on your productivity. 
Every so often we will be sharing the workspaces of our favourite creatives who discuss how they have designed their spaces in their own words.

For our first Desk View, we speak to Lisa of White & Wonder, a Sydney based, Stylist, where she spends her time styling projects, writing articles, exploring the countryside and visiting markets.

Lisa is also a keen photographer and Instagrammer with a love for Scandinavian design.
Regularly featured on Dutch interior websites; she shares her love for interior styling and DIY projects.

Here, she shares her beautiful home office that she shares with her husband, discussing the importance of light, space and storage.

One of the first things my husband and I agreed on when designing our house was that it needed a dedicated space for a home office. Not a bedroom that could also double as a workspace, with a desk squeezed in; but a proper place to work from. We also agreed that it needed to be a place where we wanted to work, otherwise we would end up with our laptops on the kitchen table again! 

I think we got there. There is so much I love about our workspace, I’ll try and explain why: 

1. The desk is a custom-built piece designed specifically for our space.

It fits perfectly with the feel of the house. When we don’t use our computers, we can tuck the keyboards and laptops away, helping to keep the space tidy and clutter free. Our desk is quite narrow, so it doesn’t take too much space.

Technically we could still fit a bed in the room if we wanted, the overall space can be re-purposed as an extra bedroom. If we wanted to sell the house in 120 years (I’m never going to move out while I am still alive) the desk could easily be turned into a lush dresser. 

I had always thought that custom pieces would be expensive; after researching I realised that it wasn’t all that more than a store-bought desk. So, if you’re considering some built-in pieces, you should definitely talk to your local carpenter!

2. The shelving is a practical and creative outlet.

My side of the desk has hexagon shelves, hubby has the metal boxes We bought some baskets from a home supply store and hung them sideways. I like to play around with the items; from week to week they never look the same! Photos, quote cards and little trinkets from trips are one of the main focal points for these shelves. These have become even more valuable since he has passed away.
Adding personal items to your workspace helps you feel comfortable and relaxed and does wonders for my productivity. It doesn't have to be It doesn’t have to be expensive! I have a  the mood board in the office filled with inspirational themes and ideas for upcoming projects, it was a simple DIY and cost less than $35 (AUD).

Just add some pretty photos and memorabilia et voila! 

3. We have plenty of storage in our office

Besides the shelving; each side of the desk has it's own set of drawers. These are extra wide, giving you loads of extra storage. Mine are filled with stationary, stamps, stickers, ribbons and other bits and pieces. Hubbies side holds the bills, his reference guides and technology.
We also chose to have a big built in wardrobe, which we use as our administration cupboard. We keep all our business administration, life administration and other boring things we don’t want on display.
Storage is one of the most important areas of a good workspace.
A cluttered space clutters the brain. Keep it clean and neat, and you will be much more productive. 


4. Our space has lots of natural light.

The left side of our office is basically a full window. To maximise the natural light; we covered it with a light filtering honeycomb blind, this gives us some privacy, without losing light. We made sure it was a dual blind so we can block out the light if we need to.
This is really helpful when editing photos etc. There is nothing more annoying than the glare of the sun on your screen. To make made as much use of the natural light as possible; we opted for a high window above our screens, that way there is always daylight coming in, without it bothering us. Not everyone has the luxury of deciding where the windows will be, but do keep in mind where you will be sitting and how the sun comes into the room. Glare really is the enemy when you are working. 

5. Our setup is really flexible.

I love that we can both work together. I always felt a bit sad when we were working in different rooms. Now, we can have a chat while getting on with our tasks for the day. Just like you would normally with your colleagues at work. We also made the decision to keep our laptops and just add external screens. By doing this, we don’t have to double up with desktops and laptops. As an extra bonus is the laptop functions as an extra screen, so now we have 4 screens to work with!

If we do feel like working from somewhere else in the house (it's very rare!), or decide to work remotely; it’s easy to unplug and take our laptops with us. 


We spent quite a bit of time planning our home office; we thought about everything we wanted from a workspace before we started building and purchasing. We could not be happier with the results and enjoy it every day. When designing, or redecorating your space, take the time to understand the room and what you would want from it. 

Once you’ve got that clear the fun can really start!