Top Tips: Working Personalities - What's Yours?

Are you at work?
Look around you.

We all have different ways of working. By taking the time to understand a co-workers’ working style or working personality; even broadly you’ll find it to be an invaluable tool.

It can help you get the best out of your team, your colleagues & even help you the best out of yourself too.

Whilst it can be entertaining (or infuriating) to send out six page memos & minutes from your last meeting & be met with a curt, single line email in response. Why not make it your superpower to anticipate working patterns, enable a higher level of engagement & most importantly, help you be productive.

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When you are part of or leading a team that is highly engaged, according to the Hay Group could double productivity & exceed performance targets at the same rate.

So, what are these working personalities?

We’ve collated an overview of a few different personalities.
Very few people solely adhere to these types & you may find that there is a dominant trait in yourself & many of your colleagues. Having a broad overview of their working personalities helps to refine that superpower of yours.

The Over Committed

Seeking security, predictability & stability. stasis is their happy place. They like stable, well established organisations, giving clear roles with a set routine & clear career path any deviation, they will burnout faster than a firecracker.

When you are working with an over committed working personality, communication is key. These are often the members of the team who will say yes & worry about the workload later on, so make sure if you are working with them, just keep an eye that they aren’t taking on too much. When you keep in regular, accurate contact with them, helps to motivate them. Acknowledging their hard work & loyalty to the team is a powerful motivator for them too.

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The Friend

Always found in the kitchen or chatting by the copier, they seek belonging, friendships & fulfilling relationships to work in. Organisations that have a strong focus on teamwork, great extracurriculars & offers the opportunity to help others are perfect for this friendly working personality. Constantly networking or offering friends or colleagues up for new opportunities (internally or externally, if the circumstances are right, they’ll jump!)

When they are supported, involved & considered a friendly working personality will thrive often taking a team to new heights they hadn’t considered.

The Expert

Often met with a little bit of (in my opinion unwarranted) derision, an expert (often known as a perfectionist) seeks knowledge, mastery & specialisation. They will have looked into any & all avenues on any subject that may interest them or will have a passing relevance in the task at hand. They want to be ready with the correct answer, every time (often to the annoyance of others). It doesn’t come from a place of malice (in most cases) they have a genuine interest in the subject at hand want to share that knowledge if it helps them or others.

If you are able, offer opportunities for development or give them the opportunity to mentor or guide others, it will motivate them no end.

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The Creator

Have you ever seen W1A? Its cast is filled with these types. Innovation, creativity & change are the lifeblood of the creator; follow through, not so much. Problem solving in the initial stages are best, as they can come up with ideas & solutions many wouldn’t have thought of. Routines are not their favourite & will put off the mundane minutiae that often comes with a regular & ongoing project. If you work with a creative, engage them in generating ideas, make sure they have a lot of problems to solve & involve them in anything that may need an innovative slant. Stimulate & motivate them by giving them the opportunity to shake up the office (event at the behest of The Over Committed) it will breathe new life into the everyday. Just don’t expect them to be as interested at the end of a project as they were at the start.

These are just a few of the working personalities that are out there (there are, quite literally hundreds of working personalities) & if you feel like want to nurture your inner Expert, lots of resources available for research.

Go forth & hone that superpower of yours; you’ll feel just as powerful as Thor when you see just how much more productive a day you can have when you flex those muscles.