Question: Wait... Coffee does WHAT now?!

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As a generation, we are a little bit obsessed with coffee.
I know I am not the most fun before my first cup of coffee & I am not alone. On my way into the store every morning, I pass by a local coffee shop that proclaims above the door “First I do the coffee, then I do the things” It can sometimes feel a bit like a personal attack.

I shouldn’t feel too alarmed though, because I have just found out something wonderful about one of my favourite beverages & it’s such good news, I would be remiss to not share... COFFEE CAN BE GOOD FOR YOU!!

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A study, started over 16 years ago has been compiled to find out exactly what factors can help us all to become nonagenarians (people who are between the ages of 90 – 99) including the activities we do, food we consume & the lifestyles we lead.

They state that drinking wine (or other alcohol) & coffee in moderation can lead to a longer lifespan, than those that did not.


Whilst I rejoiced at this news that this was not fiction (& read a few other articles to find out if this was swiftly debunked – always do your research!), I came across another interesting caffeinated fact; it’s much better for you to drink coffee with friends.

This study from University of California Davis found that those who drank coffee in groups were more fully engaged with each other, had a stronger ability to focus on a task at hand, displayed a higher level of receptiveness to ideas, than if they were drinking solo.

Essentially, my favourite corrupting liquid of saints, helps to positively alters your mindset, when consumed in groups.
So, not only is my morning ritual helping to live a long & fruitful a life as my amazing nonagenarian Nana, but can help make me more productive whilst catching up with friends… WHY AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS?

The truth is, the ritual of coffee being consumed in groups is just as old as drinking coffee is. Just taking a stroll along Fleet Street will remind you of this. In the 17th Century, coffee houses we the place to find polite conversation, which often led to reasoned & sober debate on matters of politics, science, literature, poetry, commerce & religions, with such houses being patronised by the likes of Isaac Newton (of our own Opticks fame), Samuel Pepys & Alexander Pope (to name an enlightened few).

So it came as no surprise that when you are waking yourself up with a Latte or an Americano with your friends you are much more alert, triggering a greater level of productivity and engagement; so of course, the coffee helps, but its your friends that make it more interesting.

So grab your friends, a notebook & get ready to have an extra shot of camaraderie.

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