The Study Room London At Large: Why Resolutions are a dirty word

Resolutions are a bit of a dirty word at The Study Room London HQ. While the idea of a resolution sounds optimistic and productive, the word often feels a bit like a synonym for failure.

Be honest, when was the last time you managed to achieve the resolutions you set before the fireworks and champagne started popping?

So, while January is a great time for us; I believe in long-term solutions and sometimes these take on the form of a lifestyle class (any excuse to get yourselves a new notebook and pen right?!).

The Study Room London runs workshops and classes that help give you long term solutions; whether you want to set long term goals, getting your personal and/or work life organised or even where or how to start tracking and incentivising yourself, The Study Room London provides you with practical, fun and informal workshops that can help you get it and keep it all together and most importantly make you more productive.

One such workshop I have recently hosted was a Bullet Journalism workshop that helped give the lovely staff of Charles Tyrwhitt & Deloitte giving them an idea of what a Bullet Journal© is, how it can help keep them organised and the benefits of putting pen to paper.

The workshop was organised on behalf of YOU CAN; a new and exciting pilot initiative set up as part of the Prince’s Trust, which give Prince’s Trust supported businesses the chance to share their skills, while raising funds that will help others to live, learn and earn.

These take on the form of workshops and classes and are themed on topics such as Bullet Journaling©, singing or cooking. I was invited as an Ambassador and business supported by the Prince’s Trust; their corporate partners are invited to attend and learn something new and in the case of this workshop, why everyone should start and use a Bullet Journal©.

I had such fun with the groups, who were eager to learn, get involved and find out how a Bullet Journal© can help boost productivity and their personal motivation. It was a pleasure to host and I hope I was able to share some wisdom about productive stationery, its benefits and applications in the use of their trusted new friend, their new Bullet Journal©.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

 If you needed any more convincing, I have included a couple of fun facts to help get you started:

It Is Personal to You

Your Journal can be as elaborate or as ugly as you please.
The Journal is meant to be personal to you and needs to work for you.

It Is Not Only A Catharsis; It Can Help Improve Your Immune System!

Writing for only twenty minutes a day can help, according to Professor James Pennebaker, improve your immune system! So even if you commit to writing (and not typing) for twenty minutes can save you a trip to the doctors (if you could get an appointment!)

It Can Help You to Stay Accountable

When you write any goals down, you are more likely to complete them. You give yourself a visual cue and in a prominent place (your Bullet Journal©) that you look at everyday it will make it easier to make that dream, a reality.

So, these are a few practical reasons for you to ditch your New Years’ Resolutions, that can often leave you feeling disheartened and unmotivated for so a long-term solution that can continue well after the January Blues have passed (and give yourself a reward in your fancy new Bullet Journal©).

Details of our next workshops can be located here