Spotlight: Creative Writing

Creative writing is not just for the aspiring writer or poet, in many cases creative writing exercises offer benefits that are often overlooked, undervalued & under appreciated. The act of writing is incredibly beneficial, it allows you to put thought to page, making it an incredibly useful tool for thinking, expression & creativity. Naomi Smith, founder of Wordsmith’s states "Many people are apprehensive about dabbling in using writing as a tool for mental health, because we have been conditioned to associate the act of writing with the act of editing ourselves. The idea of producing a piece of writing conjures images of schoolwork returned adorned with red-pen comments, hours spent typing up scribbled meeting notes, & reading a book we really connect with and telling ourselves 'I could never write anything like this.'“

Creative Writing - Methodical

When writing creatively, you give yourself the ability to develop your own voice & perspective without limitation of consequence. You can explore feelings about philosophy, characters & your feelings; giving you the chance to get to grips with your own personality, gaining confidence along the way.

When you take the time to write, it helps to develop your emotional intelligence & articulation. An inarticulate thought process stops you from describing feelings, sharing experiences & your communication with others. When you are to describe your thoughts clearly it give you a a skill that not only helps with your interpersonal skills but helps others around you to feel understand you properly. For emotional intelligence, even in science & maths; writing has been shown to help people communicate complex theories & ideas effectively.

Creative Writing - Green Chameleon - Methodical

In addition to this, writing can be extremely effective tool for combating stress, improving your mental health. When you write your thoughts & feelings for a given period of time, it allows you the opportunity to make key emotional connections & process thoughts & emotions, especially those connected to traumatic or difficult scenarios, Smith remarks of her workshops “In every workshop, there is always at least one person who reads back their own work & is shocked to discover what it says!"“

Naomi Smith, Founder of Wordsmiths

Naomi Smith, Founder of Wordsmiths

So many think that to write creatively is a trivial pursuit, as you have to imagine entire worlds or fictional scenarios & that can’t be helpful for you if you’ve bills to pay, Adulting is hard enough as it is!  By engaging in creative writing, you give yourself the ability to stimulate, cultivate & push your imagination to knew heights, which gives you the opportunity to see challenges from a new perspective.

Writing Creatively is so much more than the simple act of writing, it strengthens you emotionally, mentally & creatively, which can only lead to you creating a more fulfilling & productive world; that’s quite a lot for twenty minutes of daydreaming!

We have collaborated with Wordsmith’s on a series of workshops that not only help you to understand your self innately, but help to tackle your mental health, the effects of burnout & the productive benefits of writing creatively.

In the intimate workshop, going Wordsmith’s founder, Naomi Smith to help you make Writing for your Wellbeing, a reality.