Top Tips: Why You Should Bullet Journal

Journaling is something I hold very dear to my heart. The Study Room London would not exist if it were not for my need to keep on top of my tasks, goals and mental wellbeing; I know I am not alone.
Having been journaling for over three years, I have collated a list of tips and tricks to help you tackle, master and possibly develop you own Bullet Journal method.

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1. Improve Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing

The act of journaling is one of the most beneficial kinds of writing, often called “expressive writing”, a 2005 study found using this method to be incredibly therapeutic.
The study identified that journalists who recorded stressful or emotional events (like the awful introductory meeting you had with a new client or that looming deadline you feel woefully unprepared for) less likely to get sick and were ultimately less seriously affected by their trauma than their counterparts. So, if you are ready to begin and maintain a healthy physical and mental balance; your journal is the place to purge your thoughts and feelings onto the page.

2. Articulate Your Thoughts & Feelings

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How often are you able to say exactly what is going on internally?

As a nation and generation, we spend a lot of time expressing “moods” through memes and tweets, but if someone were to ask you, truthfully how you are feeling, would you be able to respond?

We spent far too much time, on our phones and laptops, not getting to the root of why that meme really resonates with you on a dark day.
When you “purge” your thoughts, it acts as a catharsis, helping you to see, with clarity what is really going on. It allows you to understand the mental wildfire (does anyone else’s brain feel a bit like a wildfire?!) and articulate it in a way that allows you to communicate this feeling to others. To put it in fewer words, this allows you to develop your emotional intelligence.

Some people are naturally empathic, some aren’t; but we still need to develop, train and exercise that ability in order to function in the world.
Not only does this help you be more productive (you can get straight to the point in meetings, eliminating your need to waffle), it can help you to articulate yourself in a way that others can understand, comprehend and work with.

If something is causing you distress or unease and you want to discuss it, you are able to (with training and development) express these issues in a way that eliminates (or at the very least, reduces) the possibility of it being misconstrued.
This is an invaluable skill to have and is one that can be “exercised” through the use of Bullet Journalism.

3. Helps You To Maintain Focus

Are you (or do you know someone) who claims they are the ultimate multitasker?
Be wary.
Multitasking in the broadest sense, means your focus is scattered and fractured and a fractured focus means work can’t be completed to the best of your ability.

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Publilius Syrus, a writer, once said “To do two things at once is to do neither.” This is where Bullet Journalism can organise all of the passive information we consume and turn it into something that is not only efficient but gives you laser focus that can resemble multitasking.
We can only hold a finite amount of information mentally. That’s a fact (unless you’ve a photographic memory… which is something I do not have!), we can hold at most six or seven pieces of information at one time, if we overstretch ourselves, we are more likely to become overwhelmed and panic.

By recording your thoughts, tasks and processes in you Bullet Journal, you are able too see, at a glance what is most important and therefore what needs your undivided attention at that time. Should you need to fight any fires (and we have all been there) because it is written down, you can return to it later, with the same focus and determination as before. This gives you the clarity that being a multitasker cannot.

These are just a few reasons why I love, to talk and sell Bullet Journal Accessories. I’ve already said it’s the reason The Study Room London exists today, it has been an infinite help with my organisation, mental wellbeing and goals that I have.

We also run workshops, classes and meetups to “stan” the Bullet Journal, share best practice and ideas in a fun and informal environment. Why not have a look at our calendar to see when the next one is and get your ticket?