Why We Create: Brit Stitch


We all have our reasons for starting our businesses and going freelance. 
Sometimes; we need a little inspiration from others. 

We spoke to Morgan Jones, the Managing Director of one of The Study Room's Suppliers about what helps them to move forward. 

How Brit-Stitch came into being.

We felt there was a market for British made structured bags but also felt that we could improve on delivery times for wholesalers who generally had to buy at certain times of year for the following season. You can generally order a bag today and get it tomorrow!

How you found your first year of trading.

The first year was a steep learning curve as although we have been trading for almost 50 years, the fashion market works in a whole new way to what we were used to.

The best part of working. 

We have experienced  many exciting opportunities but the main buzz is seeing the volume of accessories leaving the factory on a daily basis. The other great part of the business is the regular very satisfied customer feedback.


Favourite customer story.


I met a Dutch family who were staying in a holiday home next to my house and they loved the bag my wife was using and asked all about it. After an hour or so, the decided on a style and colour, that was 2 years ago. As a family they all use a Brit-Stitch bag at some point in their daily lives and have even got all of their friends to buy them. Even a shop in their home town has become a stockist!


What does the future hold for Brit-Stitch?

Here at Brit-Stitch we are continually designing new items and listening to customer feedback.
So keep an eye on social media as 2017 we will be launching some great new products!

You can shop our range with Brit Stitch here