Want It Wednesday

Sometimes, all the will in the world cannot get you to work. 
You have all of your paperwork in order. Your laptop is raised and you are fully hydrated. 

Your To Do List is organised, colour coded and ready and waiting to be ticked off. 

But you can't quite find the energy or the motivation to start. 

With the weather a constant emotional roller coaster, the temperature and believe it or not the air around you could be having an adverse effect. 

The answer could lie within the ambience of your home office. 
Having a slightly humidified room improves your health, well-being and by default your productivity. 

Adding essential oils into the mix? 
Using the right fragrances can elevate your mood, improve your productivity and improve your cognitive function. 

This diffuser/humidifier combo from Aiho Deik does that and with such style. This is a "4-in-1" function, which gives you Aroma diffuser, aromatherapy humidifier, air purifier, and night light
(if you want to work into the wee hours).

You can also set this on a timer as well so you can plan your morning routine down to a fine art. To Do lists included. 

You can find the Aiho Deik on Amazon