Spotlight On: Fonts

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Did you know that the font you use can influence the way your customers and readers react with your website and promotional materials?  

When you think about your business and your font you should be thinking about how you can subliminally convey a message about your product.

Fonts are more important than you think; the type of font you use have a huge impact on the people you are trying to reach out to, or the message you are trying to convey.  
(Just think about all those times you were given a flyer with 'comic sans' on and chuckled!)

Today, we are discussing, what goes into the making of your font, whether it conveys the message you’d like and where to find the best ones to suit you.

  When you read a page you follow a natural pattern. This is called a scan path. Every line you read, whether it's on a web page or a written article, your brain jumps ahead and takes a mental note. This 'note', blurs, rearranges and forms meaning, within a fraction of a second (Our brains are marvellous creations aren't they!) allowing you to decipher the context with ease.
This is explained in detail by Jon Tan who talks about the 'science' behind it!

So What does this all mean?

Fonts - The Study Room London.jpg

When you are creating your brand identity, you need to remember that your font and content is speaking for you.
So you need to figure out what it would (and should) sound like.

If you want to be authoritative and formal, you should choose serif fonts. This typeface has short lines coming ends of each letter.
(Think of Default 'Times New Roman')

These fonts are better for printed materials, such as your correspondence and invoices; your website (and your digital identity) should be an informal reflection of you.

Better suited for your website should be a sans serif.
(much like the font we use here at The Study Room)

These fonts are easy to skim, are informal and best suited for your digital brand identity.
These are great because the padding (the space between each letter and word) is marginally larger allowing you to absorb your scan path quickly and easily.

If you are on the lookout for an eye-catching heading font, then decorative fonts are the ones for you.
There are a wealth of creative fonts available online. These are mainly used to help inform your brand identity through the use of striking headings and titles.
Decorative fonts aren't great for large areas of text; as they can often be difficult to read.


We have scoured the web to find an overview of the most Avant Garde and innovative fonts on the market, all of which are available for download for free. 
Most of these fonts are Sans Serif;   but there are a wealth of them available if you prefer a more classic feel and look.
There are so many fonts available to choose from but we have selected a few of the most eye-catching fonts.  
All are available for download, for free! Select the one you like the most, download the .tif file and you are ready to go!  

This design led, abstract font is perfect for striking headings, titles and eye catching branding.  
It works best in CAPS to really highlight this modern and innovative style.
This was originally from Behance

Clean and simple; this font is perfect to get your message across. Akin to the classic sans serifs (Arial, Helvetica, etc.)
It's great for websites and stationery; creating a clear statement.
This was originally from Font Squirrel

If you wanted a serif font, look no further than the Dubiel. Perfect for formal websites and stationery, this gives you an authoritative and professional look for your brand identity for a classic and official look.
This was originally from Font Squirrel

The best minimal font I have found is Disco.
This has a high padding, so is great in dark colours, against a light background.
This also is great for minimal stationery and promotional materials. 
This was originally from Font Squirrel

This script is perfect for a creative maker or blog.  
The semi cursive highlights your creative flair. Great for an e-commerce website or your informal stationery it's a much more respected that your typical 'fun' Comic Sans.  
This was originally from Dafont

A Classic and timeless font, that’s great for modern, minimalist stationery or a clean website. 
This is a Sans Serif with purspose.
This was originally from Behance