Want It Wednesday

Few things excite me more than a crisp, functional notebook. 
One that is small enough to fit in a bag or laptop case; is sturdy and feels weighty in hand making you look (and feel) that little bit more professional. 

One of my favourites (and believe me, I have tried them ALL) is my trusty Rhodia Pad
This is the workhorse of notepads. The paper is weighty (80gsm) too; which is perfect for my elaborate scrawl (using my trusty green inked fountain pen) without bleed and issue, to be honest; writing with any pen is actually a dream. 

With traditional notepads, writing in small spaces can be difficult and can affect the integrity of the spine of the pad, causing your pages (and thoughts) scattered all over the place. Your Rhodia pad caters to this with its unique top stapled binding and seams allowing these notebooks to lie perfectly flat whether writing in a rush or leisurely reviewing notes. 

If you subscribe to a slightly minimal way of working; these pads are designed with you in mind.
It feels luxurious in your hand; it’s a sturdy notepad that does exactly what you need it to do without fuss. 
My favourite variants of the Rhodia pad is the Ice range. 

The paper’s lines, graphs and dots are printed in a muted grey colour, rather than the usual violet. Meaning your thoughts and words take precedent and you can do what you need to do best, working and study.

You can up your writing game right now and shop the range in our online store.