Want It Wednesday

Pin boards are everywhere right now, and for good reason. Not only are they eye-catching and wonderfully instagrammable, they help no end with your organisation. Mine is a constantly revolving door of things that URGENTLY need to be addressed; to pretty and inspirational images and quotes to help me get through the long days of working for myself. 


I have gone through many, many cork and pin boards and the one I have found the greatest pleasure with is not all it seems; the humble and bright pegboard from Block Design

I am a huge fan of this pegboard; the heavy duty pegs allow you to hang stuff from its board. So pens, non essential stationery, and general bits of interest can rest beautifully on your wall, making you feel not only superior in your organisational skills but will help you keep things off of your desk; giving you space to be your most productive. 

Available in a variety of colours, from a bright and invigorating yellow to a modern and clean bright white, their boards will effortlessly fit into any modern office and help keep you there. 
I have found, the best way to make this board work for you is to segment your board, so I have a section highlighting my urgent to-dos and deadlines, a section of inspirational images and product ideas and a section of important details (web details, links, account information, etc.) 
Not only does this help me glance a regular eye over my deadlines and information; it helps keep huge piles accumulating on the desk, my trays and generally stopping my desk  looking like I’ve regurgitated paper all over it. Anything that can help that is a winner in my book! 


You can buy the pegboard here
Why not visit the Block Design Store while you’re there too?