Want It Wednesday

Running The Study Room has proven on thing above all others. I am a slave to my laptop and my phone. 
It's a fact that I have come to accept. I had thought I was a slave to technology prior to staring this venture, alas they truly were my salad days. 

I am very conscious of keeping a normal work/life balance; but my laptop comes everywhere with me. 
If I had a lunch appointment or dinner, if I am early I will whip out my laptop and will reply to emails, edit photos and update the website. 

Having a smart phone makes things a little easier, but on the whole, some things just need to be done on a laptop.
So it has now become my constant companion; which has meant it takes a bit of a beating in my bag. 
And I have gone through a lot of laptop bags to prove it. 

This minimalist and durable laptop case from Amazon Basics has changed the game. 
Made with flexible neoprene, this laptop case makes working remotely a much easier prospect.
Neoprene is waterproof too, so rain, water and liquids run off with little to no impact to your laptop and the flexible material allows carrying extra items, like a notebook and charging cables without issue (or room in your bag)

This has lasted longer than all of my other sleeves and I couldn't be happier. 

There are a variety of colours and sizes so you aren't restricted by style or your laptop and because it's made by Amazon it is eligible for Prime, so you could test my recommendation tomorrow (yay for Prime!) 

Don't believe me?
Have a look at the reviews on Amazon about it.

Get your laptop sleeve here