Question: Tackle your To-Do Lists

As part of #JumpStartJanuary2018 I am going to share a few tips that help me to keep on top of everything going on at The Study Room London.

These 4 tips, help you to stay organised, complete all of your tasks (daily, weekly and beyond) all without sacrificing your personal life!

Create a Dump Page

This may look like a to-do list, but it is far from it. Noting all of your tasks on a designated page away from your actual list, will help you to clear your head, prioritise and clear those tasks just a little bit faster.  

In your notebook or bullet journal have a page where can literally dump all your mental to do lists to revisit.
By removing the ‘I must remember to do that’ element from you day, it will allow you to think clearly about how and what you need to prioritise to clear your list effectively.
By writing it all down in a notebook (not on your phone) will also help you to remember exactly what you needed to do rather than an abstract thought around it.

So you can be more efficient and productive once the time come to complete the tasks. 


Prioritise your tasks for the day

Once you have your (frankly insane) dump page taken care of, now you need to assign these tasks to yourself to complete.

Assign no more than four tasks to yourself in a day. Not only does this alleviate the anxiety of having too many things to complete and not enough hours in the day to finish them, four tasks can be can easily be split throughout the day; should a crisis need attending to. (I split mine into a morning, mid-morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon)

You can use a streamlined version of the Ivy Lee Method to help you get through your To-Do List for the day.

a)     From your To-Do dump page, find four tasks you need to accomplish for the day
b)    Rank them in order of importance and list them on your to-do list
c)     Start on your most important task and do not move on until the task is completed
d)    Repeat.

By using this method, you will not be bogged down by ‘mental notes’ leaving you laser focused and primed to complete all of your tasks in record time. 

Use your bullet journal!

You made the decision to start your bullet journal you may even be coming to one our bullet journal events but did you stop to think that your bullet journal can also work with you to help you get through all the tasks you need to complete throughout the day?
Millions of people across the world swear that this is the most flexible and efficient system for keeping a diary, a habit and reward tracker and to plan, so why not use it for you daily to-do list?

Not only is your Bullet Journal the best and possibly most accessible place to put your task ‘dump page’ in it helps you to build your lists around your priorities, marking out different kinds of items with simple hand-drawn symbols and giving your own personal visual cues to complete them with ease.
Intrigued? Why not shop our range of Bullet Journal Accessories and Starter Kits to get yourself started?

Tick it off the list!


Nothing makes a person happier than seeing a big tick next to a massive task you need to complete.
(That’s why we’ve specially designed tick boxes to make completing a task that much more satisfying!) Why not break your task down into smaller manageable to steps (with tick boxes attached)?
By breaking your task down into smaller bite sized chunks, you can make sure nothing is missed on your list or, should catastrophe strike and you have to step away, can help you remember where you need to pick back up again.
By making the to-do list accountable rather than you relying on your memory you will save yourself a lot of stress, bother and half-done To-Do Lists!
With these tips fresh in your mind, get yourself a notebook and unburden yourself! You can revel in the joy of being productive and live your life without worry!
Of all the things we are sharing this #JumpStartJanuary2018 this will make you more productive, happier
These four tips, help you not only to stay organised, but will help you to be more productive. Making your To-Do list less of an anxiety ridden chore, but something you can complete easily, without the sacrifice of your work/life balance.
Go forth, be more organised! Start and complete your To-Do list today!