Top Tips: Finding New Clients

Finding clients is always hard.
Your're out there, doing your thing being productive and doing it well; but getting fresh eyes on your new venture is one of the hardest parts of going alone. 

You will, when you start out write thousands of speculative emails trying to attract new clients, business and press. 
Making your emails stand out, well that can be the hard part.

Having sent thousands (and thousands) of these emails at The Study Room London HQ I thought, it would be a great idea to distil all of this knowledge into 3 handy tips to help you along your way (If you have any tips and tricks, why not share in the comments below).

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You're Subject Line is Important

How many emails have you dismissed or ignored, because the subject line is blank, is uninspired or simply says 'Hi'?
The subject line is your call to action; it's an invitation to whatever you are trying to promote in your email and it is a very valuable part of your email and your business.

Treat it like a listicle... what would make you want to open that email?
You should be creative, make it funny, witty or interesting and it will catch the eye of the person you are trying to woo.

Send an Email To A Specific Person

This is a really simple one that many people forget.
Research whomever you are sending an email to. Not only will this make it easier to personalise but it will show that you have a vested interest in the company or person and your venture would is relevant to that person.
They often receive hundreds of emails daily, so sending a personal email is a refreshing way to reach out.

People hangout together at coffee shop


Be Persistent, But Do Not Harass

You all know time management can be hard when you are going alone. You send hundreds of emails, you receive loads back and you have a myriad of other things to consider before you start talking about your venture. 
So give them a break, if you haven't heard back in a week, send a polite chaser email asking if they have any questions or would like to know more about you or your venture. It's another way to ensure your correspondence is personal and engaging and worthy of their time, 


So there you have it; three winning tips to help you be productive and getting all the replies you're after!
Go forth, send all of your emails and get all the responses you desire!