Top Tips: You're Ready

So, you’re thinking about going out on your own (or you just have) …
Hooray, we are so proud of you! Now panic is starting to set in, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. 
But you need not worry, you have been preparing for this leap the whole time and you hadn’t even realised. 

How, you say?
By working at a 9-5.
It has given you a million skills you can apply to your new productive solo working day.


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You Know Your Stuff

If you have made the decision to go freelance, it’s likely you are doing so to take control of your work/life balance.

So you are already confident in the work that you do, how your approach new clients and how you secure work. 
Why would this be any different when you are start out, the approach is the same but the project is all your own. 
Use this, your day job has taught you well and those lessons will carry you through your early days.


You've Learnt From Your Mistakes... Already

We’ve all at some point, made a mistake on a spreadsheet or email that’s had to be corrected, quickly. Knowing how to put things right is a skill that cannot be learned overnight and thankfully, we’ve all had a few nights practice!
Being able to quickly find solutions is a valuable skill for any new business or a freelancer and one that can really set you apart from the crowd.

Often new business owners harm their ventures by being too cautious; by holding back great ideas on the off-chance things could go wrong.
Embrace failure, if it does happen and use this as a learning opportunity to grow. It’s a really great way to build confidence, not only for yourself, but for your venture too.

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Setbacks Won't Phase You

 If you have worked for a company for years, you would have developed a general work/life balance. 
Understanding the difference between your work life and your personal life is an invaluable skill when you go out on your own. 

Being able to identify and separate your business setbacks from your personal setbacks, will help you with your personal well-being and will help you to be objective when look for a solution and that can only be a good thing! 

Of course your own venture will; in the beginning; will distort your current equilibrium, but having the ability to step away from what you are doing impartially will allow you to save your energy and create a balanced, unbiased decisions.

See? You've these tools already at your disposal; they will allow you to thrive and be your most productive. 
Your seed of inspiration as already been planted and the skills acquired are already there to help you make the most of it!