Want It Wednesday

Working from home can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to paperwork.
No one tells you how much paperwork you accrue over the course of a day, week year. The only time you really think about how much admin you have is around now, when your crying into the shoulder of your accountant or (if you are a newbie, like me) in a dark corner of your office. 

So anything that can make organising a bit of a breeze is a win in my book. 
I have already told you about how much I love Muji and their storage options are the holy grail. 

For office organisation, you really can't go wrong with their acrylic range.
You can see everything you file for a start and best of all; the entire range is modular. So you can file exactly has you need to, with the space that you have.
A total win home office organisation. 


These are the perfect tools to help you keep you stuff in one place and  easily accessible. 

These are my total favourites:

5 Large Drawers - This is perfect for holding your In/Out Tray without
3 Large Drawers - These are perfect if you need a draw to take up a little less space. 
Desk Partition - Keep your office drawers in check with by slotting your pens, paperclips and business cards in one place with these simple partitions. 
Sectioned Pen Pot - Do you Bullet Journal? colour code your pens so you know exactly where your green 'creativity' pens are at any one time. 
Layered Pen Pot - This has two sections for your pens so fishing out your stubby highlights becomes a thing of the past.
Mini Drawers - These are perfect for your business cards. perfectly sized for a standard cards. 

The beauty of this storage system is that you can really make it your own. 
Buy as many as you need and they will fit exactly where you want them with next to no fuss. 

You find you need an extra drawer for another bit of paperwork you just run to the store and buy another. It's as simple as that and I want them ALL!

You can shop the whole range from Muji here