Spotlight On: 1n1 Fashion'n'Pizza

Finding something you love to do is always worth celebrating. Finding common ground in two separate passions and combining them into a cohesive and thriving venture; well that's a miracle. Today's spotlight is all about how two passionate people combined forces to create 1n1 Fashion n Pizza.   

Andrea loves pizza, Martina loves fashion. Andrea loves Martina and Martina loves Andrea. Together they make up the charming business: 1n1 Fashion n Pizza. The creative duo work side by side in their Spitalfields store, two floors dedicated to the synergy of shopping and eating.

What does a typical day look like to you?

Martina: It’s a mix of fashion n pizza actually. I help Andrea during lunch time and then I do a lot of research of new brands to host in store. At the moment I’m having busy days working at our new collaboration with Trouva
Andrea: I wake up early to prepare the fresh toppings for lunch and dinner.  A fortnight ago we launched our “How to make sourdough pizza” classes in collaboration with Airbnb Experience. These run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. 

Where do you call your ‘Office’?

M: The store is my office! I do everything from here. 
A: The kitchen! Here is where all my ideas comes from. I spend my day trying new recipes. 

How did you end up in your line of work?

M: I studied fashion communication at IED in Milan, once I finished my degree; I went straight to work in a footwear showroom and found what I love to do... Buy!
I love to research new designers, understand their inspirations and select what can work in-store. 
A: The passion for food comes from my mum, a really good cook, and my brother, a professional chef who I share the ideas with. I did professional courses to understand the baking world.  


What is the one thing you wish you had known at the beginning?

M & A: So many things!!
The most important was and is Instagram. Letting people know that you exist not just in your local area but on social media is significant for start up businesses.  

What is the best part of your day?

M: In the morning;  I plan the my day. In the afternoon I do the research to discover young designers to have in store for the following season. 
A: When I serve first pizza, it means the day has officially begun.. 

What are you working on at the moment?

M: I’m working in the new collaboration with Trouva as we joined their community of UK boutiques and we’ll be live very soon our products. 
A: I’m working at the new menu, the winter one. 

Working only with independent designers, Martina’s expert eye for burgeoning talent means a handful of carefully selected fashion labels. Names include Chiara Luppi, Karibù Bijoux and Nikki Strange.
Andrea is dedicated to creating the perfect Italian sourdough pizza, using stone ground flours to create flavours that are consistently organic and light.

For 2 years 1n1 fashion n pizza has provided an intimate shopping experience.
Situated on the cusp of the City of London, Martina and Andrea invite you to enter to step into their world.
You can find them on instagram, their website and on Facebook