Want It Wednesday

2017 is well and truly upon us. 
I am more determined than ever to keep organised, productive an innovative. 

One of the first things I am tackling is my overwhelmed and overworked laptop. 

I try to keep files, emails and images backed up, collated and easy to find. 
So I am impeccably organised, but a lot of these files are slowing my computer down. And that's the last thing I need. 

That's why, this week I am all about this portable drive from Seagate

This little drive packs an enormous punch. 
It holds up to 1TB of storage, that's around 200000 photos. More than enough for my folders, images and files and everything else I keep for work. 

It's tiny too. It's less than a centimetre thick; so you could slot this into your laptop bag, if you needed to bring it with you and you would barely notice it. 
With it's simple plug in and go settings you'd never need to worry about your laptop slowing down or your missing files. 
2017 is already looking like a productive one!

You can get the portable drive from here