Want It Wednesday

Here at The Study Room we are all about community and surrounding oneself with others to boost productivity. 
Sometimes, especially when a deadline is ominously looming you need to knuckle down and literally get sh*t done. So that community you've built, needs to fade into the background. 

Nothing is better at better at zoning out external distractions than a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a good playlist. 
While I wouldn't want to suggest a playlist, as I know we as creatives can find inspirational 'sweet spot' via a myriad of different tunes, I can suggest the headgear to help you get there.  

These beauties from Master & Dynamic are the tools you are looking for. 

The MW50 are perfectly suited for such an occasion. 
These full size headphones are designed, not only to tell others you are 'incredibly busy - DO NOT DISTURB' but will provide complete noise isolation and a stereo sound to help you find your aforementioned 'sweet spot' for working.

These headphones can be folded up neatly too, so you don't have to carry that extra bag with you if you need to work remotely.
The headphones can hold a charge of up to 16 hours and are comfortable to wear, so if you need to pull an all-nighter, these are for you. 

These are perfect for travelling too.
Londoners are well aware that a lack of headphones while travelling is a sign of weakness and these sync perfectly with your phone via wireless, which as we know following the release of the iPhone 7 this is a necessity.

So if you have a deadline looming large and a need to play some music loud while you are working; then these are the headphones for you!

You can get the headphones direct from Master & Dynamic