Want It Wednesday


Trade show season is upon us!
Queue obscene amounts of time spent away from home; trudging through innumerable exhibition centres and lots and lots of notes.

Yes, it's wonderful opportunity to meet wonderful new brands and catch up with old ones, but it takes its toll. Especially on your phone.

Photos, stealth note taking and calls to book appointments means your phone and therefore you, will not last long.  

That's why the Away Case is a marvel in modern travel. 
For anyone who has travelled an insane amount this will change your life. 

This durable and frankly chic suitcase also doubles as a charging point for your devices. So while you are waiting for your fourth Eurostar of the week, plug your phone in and charge; so the both of you are ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at trade show number 55. 

These cases come in a number of sizes and colours; The dinky (airport approved) Carry-On is perfect for hauling all of the catalogues, samples and notes you will inevitably accrue during your trips, The Large perfect for long haul flights to far flung trade show locations. All case

Each case is made with a durable polycarbonate shell, interior compression system. The Large has a capacity of around 38l. That's enough to fill a standard sized wardrobe. 
Away are so confidence that their cases will stand the test of even the most brutal of baggage handlers that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

If you are looking at several weeks of travelling; this should be the first port of call in my opinion!
You can view the whole range from Away Case here