Spotlight On: Bright Zine

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Magazines, Zines, Forums. These are some of my favourite things. Articles that inspire, help you question? Sign me right up! 

Zines and forums are on the rise. The likes of Don't Panic & Vice helped to inform my very malleable mind during my early teens and helped form my current view of the world. Online Zines like Highsnobiety, Inconnu & Afropunk are carrying the torch for a new generation. 

Bright Zine is one of those and I was hooked from the first page. 
Launched in September; Bright Zine is an ethical lifestyle magazine for the modern vegan with witty illustrations articles and so much more.
 Their first issue is filled with honest illustrations, open letters and interviews.

Created by vegan activist, Laura Callan (who also finds time to teach!) to not only promote an increasingly common lifestyle, but the culture that it surrounds and creates. 

I’ve seen a real growth in veganism in London in the past few years, and I wanted to give the growing community a voice, encouraging everyone to come together and collaborate on discussions, debates and projects.
Veganism was once such a small, niche community when I first started; now it’s everywhere you look!
I felt that this was a great time to start documenting and celebrating it. I love writing and design and creating beautiful things, so making Bright Zine has been an absolute joy"

The first issue is a love letter to London, with a pick of the best restaurants, food stores & hangouts to try if you are Vegan drawn with intricate and witty illustrations by Roxane Dewar, you can find more of amazing her haunting and evocative drawings here

Bright Zine is an example of everything I love about a modern Zine.
It's fun, informative and really pretty to look at!  


To celebrate Bright Zine's launch They have kindly created this gorgeous desktop download exclusively for The Study Room!

Live Ethical and download the artwork for free here

Issue One is out now, You can purchase it here
You can follow them too on InstagramTwitter & Facebook