Question: How to Write an Email

We are a technological generation, we tweet, snap and 'gram and even emoji's are now a recognised form of communication.
122 Billion emails are sent every hour so it's easy to speed type to make sure you get your point across and move on with your day. When you start or run a small business, you need to pay more care and need to take extra steps to make sure your email stands out from the crowd. 

Follow these tips to make sure you send an clear, concise emails every time. 

Be Formal

How to Write an Email - The Study Room London

This means more than just a formal greeting (Dear Mr/Mrs, etc) make sure you send emails during peak hours. Inspiration can often strike at 3 in the morning but no one will remember you've sent an email then and all could be lost.

The best time to email 'after hours' would be between 8pm and 12am. If you cannot wait, I would recommend scheduling your emails to fit the normal 7am-6pm slot for business emails. (This is super easy to do on Outlook, for Gmail get an app like Boomerang)

Er on the side of caution when addressing your email too. This is really important if you are emailing someone new, like a client or a supplier. Make sure you have the correct name and spelling of the person you are messaging and make sure it makes sense and is grammatically correct. Nothing looks more unprofessional than an email filled with errors and misspellings. 

Triple/Quadruple Check your text

You've written your email, before you hit send, read it aloud. Does it make sense, if it informative, concise and friendly? Could your tone be misconstrued? Do you have a clear call to action, and above all does it make sense? Yes, some email applications have the ability to recall messages, but is it really worth the panic? Read it aloud, check you spelling and context and repeat, at least once. It'll soon become second nature. 

Be Specific

What are your intentions? Have you been clear (but not abrupt), concise and informative. If you want to schedule a meeting with this person have stated this clearly? Yes, it can be difficult, more so if you have never interacted with this person before but you have to state your intentions quickly and clearly. Make sure you get your point across or your opportunity may be lost.  

Read the Response!

If you have sent an email to an 'Alexandra' and they have replied and signed off with an 'Alex' start your reply with 'Alex'. This shows you have read the email, digested the response and shows you are interested in furthering the conversation and relationship. I have often found, people who do this are often incredibly good listeners too, and invaluable skill when starting a new business.
All too often, I've received emails from people who have have responded with my full name in an email asking questions already answered in a previous email.
Not only is this frustrating for the reader; as they've taken the time to respond to you, it also shows that you may not be as thorough and reliable when working together. Make sure you understand what is asked of you; if you do not understand, ask for clarification. If the response has a call to action, make sure this is completed.  

We all know how to send an email; using these tips and tricks can help you to stand out from the other 122 billion sent every hour.
When you're a small business or freelancer, that can make all the difference.