Want It Wednesday

Working from home is not always a joy. 
The monotony of your desk and your environment, the temptation to stay in your pyjamas because you are 'at home' and the lack of interaction takes a toll on your productivity. 

So in an effort to make sure I get work done, I often venture out, find a coffee shop or cafe (I've a list of my favourite ones - have a read) and plot for a long while slowly working through my tasks for the day. 

You just have to work a little harder when your on your own; so anything that can spark 'joy' and make you productive is a win in my opinion.
The major obstacle I encountered when I started was knowing what to bring.
Everything you need for your working day is at the tip of your fingertips when you are at home. Not so much when you are in a coffee shop in Hackney. So I thought about one of my favourite shopping memories year when I was little.
The new term stationery refill. Nothing and I mean nothing filled me with as much joy when I was a kid. It was better than Christmas, my birthday and the summer holidays combined (So you now understand why I have started The Study Room!)    

The crowing glory of that shop, what the selection of the pencil case.
So much thought went into having the right one for your needs.
'Will it hold all of your smelly gel pens?' being the main caveat when I was twelve (read - sixteen).

So I applied this level of dedication and enthusiasm to my new working situation. 
This pencil case from KayK is my remote Home Office. This generously sized and beautiful minimal beauty will hold my pens, pencils and fine liners with ease. It could even hold a few business cards too. 

This approach has been a game changer for me. 
I write everything down and have a notepad with me at all times; having this on hand makes my life so much easier. 

So when your on your next trip to anyone of these fabulous cafes and restaurants, be sure to take your laptop, your notepad and your trusty KayK pencil case. 
The adolescent in you will be thrilled!

You can buy this pencil case and other leather goods direct from the KayK official website or from the Etsy Store