Want It Wednesday

Taking over the world is not easy. It takes, time, effort and a LOT of organisation. You are constantly on the move. You could be in the middle of a Skype meeting while chugging your coffee at 8am and then running to a coffee shop for a meeting that will inevitably mean you are lugging your laptop and life with you at all times. 

I am terrible, I bring all things with me EVERYWHERE.
On a working day, I bring the following with me, even if I am just going to the park:

Personal Phone
Work Phone/Camera
Weekly Plan
Two Pens (My trusty Fountain Pen and a pencil)
Business Cards

That's a lot of stuff to carry, but starting out on your own, means you have to be prepared for anything.
So it helps to separate your work life from your actual life. 

I do this, by not only physically listing my life away, but by separating each item; my work belongings stick together, my personal belongings stay in the same place.
If they don't chaos would ensue.
That is where Skinny Dip come in. They are a fun, millennial accessory company based in London, who make the best accessories that not only make you smile but can help you to keep you sh*t together. 

They make collections that all match! So you can co-ordinate your work phone, with your laptop and your expenses wallet, so nothing gets confused. It's GENIUS!

I will admit, this is very gender biased, however, with us ladies contribute around £75 billion through start-ups and small businesses, it would be foolhardy to neglect us!

This particular collection is the Dita a really fun, glittery and bright Rose gold collection that is fun and witty, without being unprofessional if you needed to whip them out for a meeting. 

(Pictured: Laptop Case, Phone Case & Coin Purse)

I love this because the entire collection is tactile, so you genuinely can, feel around your bag and find exactly what you are looking for, without breaking conversation. A skill I would love to master.

Explore the collections here