Want It Wednesday

We are all in need of help when it comes to organising. 
I have box files, folders and chests and that's just for my personal paperwork. 
When it comes to organising paperwork for your business; things need to be kept in some order. at the very least it makes it easier come tax return day.

So this week, I have returned to one of my favourite places, Ikea for my organisation inspiration. 

I love Ikea, not because it's affordable, easy to assemble (most of the time) and rather sturdy. I love it even more because it is rooted in great design.

Every detail is thought of when they make things. The Pluggis range is no exception. Yes the names illicit giggles; well from me at least. But this range is truly a marvel. 

The range seems to have been built for a compact office. The magazine files (of which I have hundreds) are half sized, so you can truly separate catalogues, invoices and contracts without it taking up too much space.  

This mini bin, is my actual saviour. 
What do you do with your receipts? Ball them up in your purse or hope that they haven't fallen foul of the bottom of your bag?
This is what happens to my receipts, until I bought this bin of dreams. 
I come home, dump my receipts in this little bin and once a month, file and sort them. Like an actual grown up. 

These have changed my life and it only cost me less than £10. 
They aren't offensive on the eyes either and can blend into most modern offices so your impeding responsibilities as a grown up aren't staring your down.  

I highly recommend you fill your offices with this range, starting with these two indispensable items. 
As you needed another excuse to Ikea, but this one will do far more for your productivity than the meatballs ever could!

Click here for the Magazine Files and here for the Storage Box