Want It Wednesday

Being comfortable at your desk is important. It makes you work a little longer without realising. Chatting with your work best friend, the threat of your boss or manager 'checking in' actually can guilt you into being productive (even if it is in sporadic bursts) when you're in an office. 

The general buzz of productivity isn't the same when you are in your home office or working at the kitchen table. It's far too easy to put the laundry away or tidy up the house when you've no one 'checking in' or finding out what your research has amounted to. 

So creating a space you want to work in at home is important.
It should be comfortable and do everything it can to help you get your job done. Productivity is everything when the only thing driving your forward is you.

So creating a space that does this can often be a job in itself. There's a reason why 'Home Office Ideas' is one of the more popular searches on Pinterest

If like me, your desk moonlights as my dining table an easy way to achieve a dedicated work space is by using a desk pad.
That's why this week's Want It's Wednesday is this elegant leather desk pad from Pinetti

Nothing, short of a name plate makes you feel more like a BOSS.
The luxurious calfskin pad centres your thinking and puts you in the right frame of mind for working. It's large enough to set your laptop on, to use as a mouse pad and to hold a pen pot and a small in/out tray.

If you double duty (like I do) then this pad can easily be lifted and placed elsewhere once you've finished your full day of working.
It doesn't hurt that this the most beautiful home office accessory I have seen in years (The whole range is gorgeous) and Italian leather will last you a lifetime. 

So it will be ready when you are to upgrade from your kitchen table; joining the nameplate!