Want It Wednesday

If you are an avid reader of The Study Room Blog, you'll know we're in the business of making working, designing and freelancing a little easier for all of you entrepreneurs out there.
We're built for creatives; not just to making a safe space to share your concerns, business knowledge and productivity tools, but to share the little secrets that help you get through your day. So today, I am sharing one of mine with you as part of Want It Wednesday.

If you've read the guest blog we had done for Twenty Something Meltdown you'll know that we are all about productivity, list making and sharing the tips and tools to get this done stylishly and quickly making you want to complete your daily tasks with flair!


I could not have done this without my indispensable Pentel Sign Pen. This is the best fine-liner. Hands down.
I have used this pen for years, it lasts forever, is incredibly robust and gets the job done. 

Long before The Study Room came into being; I found it was the best pen to use when sketching product ideas; it's sharp fibre tipped nip allowed for clean, none blurry lines that could be digitised easily (an absolute wonder and necessity when designing collection after collection during university) The ink doesn't bleed onto other pages, and can give you a strong line and a distinctive brushstroke with little effort. 

Simply put, this baby is a godsend. 

Dubbed "The original fibre-tipped pen" this has been in use since the early 60s and made famous by President Lyndon.
It even went into space (before the fisher space pen may I add) so you can see that this is the stationery supply to end all stationery supplies. 

In my day to day life I use this for everything from labelling the ever growing lists in my office filing system to sending off all of The Study Room's orders with that extra bit of care and attention. It dries quickly, so you don't need to worry about smudging when writing a long list (or an address)

Cursive handwriting looks that little bit cleaner (or in my case legible) so you've no need for the magnifying glass when referring to older documents. It's just a dream!

Graphic Designers, illustrators & Organisers. You need this pen in your life; it'll change it, for the better as a long time user I promise you! 

You can get the sign pen direct from The Study Room. If you haven't already made the change, now is the time! 

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